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About Us

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”

Dorothy Parker

Nyumba is a versatile, all-around design studio located in Sotogrande and Gibraltar, bringing projects to life around the world. The team came together with the view of a holistic approach to design, traveling beyond the decorative.

From family homes to boutique hotels & restaurants, Nyumba designs for the future, focusing on human wellbeing, and based on sustainability and nature as the origin of everything.

We are experts in delivering turnkey projects: from the initial design phase to supplying all furniture, soft furnishing and other interior design supplies.

Painters, wallpaper installers, bespoke carpentry and kitchens, curtains and upholsterers, furniture and installation crews and other ,“not at hand”, trades need to be organized and project managed: this is Nyumba’s specialty.

Most of our clients are international and they lay their trust on us to deliver a comprehensive project, freeing them from spending their time in Spain looking for retailers, and dealing the different trades which is not always easy and language is sometimes a barrier.

Nyumba is official designer’s furniture, wallpaper & fabrics partner and retailer, aswell as designs and produces bespoke furniture.

Hilma af Klint. De tio största, nr 3, Ynglingaåldern, grupp IV, 1907
Hilma af Klint. De tio största, nr 3, Ynglingaåldern, grupp IV, 1907

Our Team

Interior Designer / Project manager

Art Historian / Curator

Accounting / Administration